Finding Data to Validate Your Healthtech Market
September 27, 2021

Finding Data to Validate Your Healthtech Market

Market Validation

For any healthtech company, data validation is the key to success. Although the focus is often on clinical or economic data required to support claims and regulatory compliance, more foundational data about customer-value is also required to validate a target market. It can play a key role when it comes to landing investment and partnership opportunities. This article discusses market research and how the HealthTech Activator can help. 

Scientific fields, including healthtech, often have a technology-centric approach to research and data collection. Although this is important (healthtech should be safe and effective!) the output may not be useful if the market, and the customer, is not well-understood.

The difficulty of data access

Performing market research supports the development of a clear value proposition and market entry strategy. But a lack of access to data, and knowledge about how to collect it, is often an issue.     

Research prior to the establishment of the HealthTech Activator (HTA) found this lack of data access is particularly true for smaller healthtech companies in New Zealand. That’s why one of the goals of the HTA is to ensure New Zealand healthtech companies have access to data and associated tools to help them to effectively validate the markets for their products. 

The HTA currently uses several tools to provide data access and education: this includes access to database platforms, capability-building workshops, and expert interviews.

HTA market validation tools

Database search support

Global Data: Medical

The HTA uses Global Data’s Medical Intelligence Centre for data on medical device markets - including pipeline & marketed product databases, country & company focus reports, deal databases, market models, sector-specific reports, and much more. 

Frost & Sullivan & BCC Research

The HTA can help with data from Frost & Sullivan and BCC Research reports, covering markets across biotechnology, medical devices, digital health, and pharmaceuticals. The available research includes market forecasts, sector analyses and emerging trends/themes. 

Contact us to get started with a search covering all the above databases today - there is no cost to you. 

Other market validation tools

Capability-building workshops

The HTA runs a series of workshops designed to build capability in healthtech market validation. These sessions focus on how to use a customer-centric perspective when framing your offering, enabling you to generate assumptions and hypotheses to subsequently test by collecting and analysing data. 

The next workshops are coming up soon - register via the HTA Events page!  

In-depth Engagement programme

Once you have identified a set of hypotheses that require access to otherwise out of reach experts (e.g., a spine surgeon at a top US hospital), the HTA's In-depth Engagement programme includes the provision of expert interviews through the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG)

The In-depth Engagement programme requires companies to have gone through HTA database support or an HTA market validation-related workshop. This is to ensure companies get the greatest value from this expert time. 

Please get in touch here if you are interested. 

The HTA is here to help

All the above tools can provide support through your commercialisation journey. HTA resources exist for the healthtech sector and can be used iteratively for multiple avenues of research and development. 

Contact us today if you’d like to discuss how we can support your journey.

Updated 19/10/2023

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