Strong heritage, great opportunity: New Zealand's healthtech sector

New Zealand has an impressive heritage when it comes to healthtech innovation, and today healthtech firms rank among some of our most globally successful businesses.

The sector shows significant growth potential. In the 2020-21 financial year, healthtech firms generated an estimated $2.85 billion in revenue, demonstrating a seven-year compound annual growth rate of 13%.

While device makers currently lead the charge, other healthtech categories are showing promise. For example, digital health, as well as diagnostics and therapeutics (including pharmaceuticals), are expanding significantly. 

And New Zealand’s ecosystem of more than 120 healthtech companies is providing a rich pipeline of early-stage innovation and investment opportunities.

A tailored pathway

Healthtech innovation springs from many different sources in Aotearoa – from research scientists and start-ups to mature firms with established markets, and even entrepreneurs with a great idea but limited health industry background.

The HealthTech Activator understands what the journey looks like for a wide range of entrepreneurs and businesses, and what support they will need at the different stages of their respective journeys.

This allows us to tailor a pathway to help you develop your innovation, and wrap services and support around that pathway as required. 
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Where to connect – and when

New Zealand’s healthtech ecosystem is diverse and growing, and there is a wide range of organisations and networks that healthtech innovators can tap into for funding and support. But it can be challenging to know what support is out there, and whether you’re eligible to access it.

Here is a snapshot of funding currently available to healthtech innovators. You can learn more about what each organisation offers via the links below.

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MedTech CoRE

  • Initiating Collaborative Partnerships (ICP)
    Up to $10K
  • New Concept Development (NCD)
    Up to $25K
  • Seed Project
    Up to $62K
  • Accelerating Research Translation (ART)
    Up to $100K

Royal Society

A number of other funds and awards available – see the Royal Society website for eligibility details.


A number of other RFPs and funding options are periodically available – see HRC website for detailed funding calendar.

Callaghan Innovation

R&D Grants


Endeavour Fund

  • Smart Ideas
    Overall $18M/year
    Proposals $0.4-$1M over 2-3 years
  • Research Programmes
    Overall $39M/year
    Proposals over $0.5M/year for 3-5 years

National Science Challenges

  • Overall $680M over 10 years


  • $3.7M/year

Commercialisation Partner Network (2019)

PreSeed Accelerator Fund 2019

    A number of other funds available that may be applicable – see MBIE website for details.


    Connect now with Scale-Up NZ

    One key platform to sign up with is Scale-Up NZ. Run by Callaghan Innovation, Scale-Up NZ is a virtual networking platform designed to connect the New Zealand innovation ecosystem. Through the platform businesses can find other companies with the expertise, skills and equipment they may need, as well as potential investors.

    Recently Scale-Up NZ added a ‘coronavirus’ tag so businesses on the platform are able to identify themselves as having COVID-19 response capability, making it easy for users to search and find them.

    Visit Scale-up NZ
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    Find out more

    The type of support you need for your health tech innovation will vary depending on whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, an established business or an innovator new to the field. To help you pinpoint the specific support you need to launch and grow your health tech innovation, we’ve rounded up a series of reports, articles and resources geared at a range of business types and stages.

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    Other resources

    Several other organisations offer other types of support, such as training, investment guidance and connections to researchers and other experts. Some useful sites to explore include: