Tracking a path to financial success

Building a successful business requires people to pay for what you’re selling. In healthtech those who pay are often healthcare providers (public and private) and insurers which need to validate and approve the use of your technology before they pay for it.

While healthtech innovators need to consider clinical and regulatory strategies to set a clear pathway for developing effective and efficient products that meet the requirements of end-users and regulators, they also need to consider their reimbursement strategy.

A reimbursement strategy will impact your activities across the spectrum as you develop your business – everything from your R&D and clinical studies to marketing plans and pitching to investors.

You can learn more about those in New Zealand's healthtech reimbursement ecosystem here:

DHB Hospital medical devicesMedsafe – regulatory consultants

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Many innovators will be targeting global healthcare markets with their technology. The links below contain information to help you gain a better understanding of reimbursement strategies and requirements offshore.

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