Healthtech Week – Supporting and Showcasing NZ's Innovators
May 25, 2021

Healthtech Week – Supporting and Showcasing NZ's Innovators

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The halfway point of 2021 is fast approaching and that means so, too, is Healthtech Week from 22-24 June. For anybody working in and around New Zealand’s healthtech ecosystem, Healthtech Week is a unique and eagerly anticipated opportunity to share ideas, challenges, and opportunities for continued growth and success.

What to look forward to in this years’ Healthtech Week

Healthtech Week provides a platform for an integrated gathering - welcoming startups, regulators, funders, and large corporations to a series of events that showcase the NZ healthtech sector. It is a great opportunity to make sure you’re up to date on what’s going on in the ecosystem, with a great lineup of speakers including Director-General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

Healthtech Week runs over 3 days kicking off with Innovation Day, a combined stakeholders’ day with the theme: “Collaborating for NZ’s Future”. The programme includes a “what is happening” in NZ healthtech, with one of the focuses being the role of the HealthTech Activator (HTA) and a showcase of some of the fantastic companies the HTA supports.

The second day covers the Medical Technology Association of NZ (MTANZ) Conference, and alongside this over day two and three is the MedTech CoRE Conference.

What is the HealthTech Activator?

The HTA is a coordinated, ecosystem-wide support mechanism for early-stage founders and companies in NZ’s healthtech sector. It aims to deliver improved connectivity, capability  programmes, and services for NZ healthtech businesses that enable them to overcome some of the unique obstacles to commercialisation in the healthtech sector. 

Through its resources, the HTA contributes to the Ministry of Health’s ‘NZ Health Research Strategy 2017-2027’ by supporting transformative and innovative ideas in the health sector.

With a holistic approach, the HTA provides resources to companies originating from independent entrepreneurs, universities, Crown Research Institutes (CRIs), public health, and the private sector.

Check out the HTA website which is a core and valuable resource for the healthtech community, supported by other services. Here you can find access to key resources about healthtech challenges and support, along with in-depth databases, as well as capability workshops on topics such as market validation, capital planning and valuations, clinical trials and regulatory requirements.

Healthtech business showcase at Healthtech Week

The HTA and other ecosystem initiatives play a key role in supporting young NZ companies, and a selection of three NZ healthtech startups will be showcased on the Innovation Day of Healthtech Week. These include Alimetry, Exsurgo, and Zero-Cast.


Recently in the national news after leaving ‘stealth mode’, Alimetry is launching its non-invasive technology to aid a faster and more informed diagnosis for gastrointestinal conditions. Alimetry has been working closely with the HTA as one of the participants of the in-depth market validation sprints.


Exsurgo was born from the team behind Rex Bionics and their product Axon is a device that uses EEG Neurofeedback to inform drug-free therapy for managing chronic pain. Exsurgo have worked closely with Callaghan Innovation throughout their product development.


The team from Zero-Cast are looking to change the status quo for wrist fractures with their Zero-Cast Wx fracture stablisation system: a lightweight, stable, adjustable, waterproof alternative to plaster and existing bracing/splints. Zero-Cast have also been a participant in the HTA in-depth market validation sprints.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join in for the latest industry developments, collaboration, and insights Healthtech Week has to offer. Tickets are available on the website, with separate tickets for the Innovation Day, MTANZ and MedTech CoRE events ($65 subsidised Innovation Day price for Callaghan Innovation affiliates).

See you there!

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