Know Your Customers and Your Market with the HTA
January 25, 2022

Know Your Customers and Your Market with the HTA

Market Validation

The first blog of 2022 provides an overview of the HTA’s market validation programme, ‘Know your Customers and your Market’. The programme is made up of two parts, a workshop series and a database support offering.

When the HealthTech Activator (HTA) started its discovery project at the beginning of 2020, it was clear one of the most important areas where value could be added was by assisting healthtech companies early on with understanding the market their product is for, and who their customers are.

The HTA has undertaken this market validation task in a number of ways, resulting in the ‘Know your Customers and your Market’ programme. The programme tools have been developed to focus on two key parts: database support and a workshop series. 

Part 1: Database support offering

The first part was to try to make available to healthtech companies some of the databases for desk-based research that others in the industry, such as investors, use to assess the value of healthtech companies, find market reports, and source other key information. These databases and insight platforms include Global Data, Frost & Sullivan and GLG, and are available to HTA customers. 

You can read more here about the database support tools discussed in a previous HTA blog, and get in touch if you’d like to learn more from the HTA team about becoming a customer and getting a free database search started.

Part 2: Workshop series

To assist healthtech companies in the assessment of their products the HTA has also developed a series of workshops as the second part of the programme. 

The first workshops are an introductory series held throughout the year and are open to all HTA customers. You can view our Events page for further details on upcoming ‘Introduction to Knowing your Customer and your Market’ workshops in March – May 2022 in Auckland and Christchurch. 

The second series of workshops form part of an in-depth sprint programme held just once a year and open to five HTA customers. 

In-depth sprint workshops 

The five HTA customers for the 2022 intake of the in-depth sprint workshops have been finalised after an expression of interest period in September – December 2021. The workshops will start in February and continue until May.

The in-depth sprint workshops cover the areas of problem discovery, design and implementation planning. They are supplemented by one-on-one coaching sessions to keep the participants on track and to assist them with testing their thinking and assumptions.

The in-depth sprint workshops bring together a number of the participant’s stakeholders, including the wider Callaghan Innovation team and NZTE, who work together to help participant companies gain valuable market insights and customer feedback. The participants also have access to the database search support offering throughout the sprint workshops. 

Getting involved

If you would be interested in discussing any aspect of the Know your Customers and your Market programme in further detail, and/or adding your name to the waiting list for the 2023 in-depth sprint workshops, please get in touch

For more about market validation and links to other information, see the HTA Market Validation page.  

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